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Gattaca Mail Server

Gattaca Server - solution for the organization internal or external e-post service for the central or regional office.

Gattaca Server full featured, 100 % compatible to existing standards POP3 and SMTP mail server. You can use it not only as an internal server, but also as a server for reception or sending e-mails to others mail servers in the Internet or to main mail server in your organization.

You can use any mail server clients with Gattaca Mail Server.

Users in your organization can choose any POP3/SMTP mail client. It can be Netscape Mail, Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, The Bat!, or any others.

You can create a personal mail box for each worker in your company. Using such mail clients as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Mail, or others, you can send mails, exchange with documents, inform workers on the important events occurring in your company. Mailing lists and group will allow you to send messages at once to the whole group of people in your company, keeping posted events at once for big group of people. Also you can post events outside of your organization, having specialized news mailing list of your company.

Gattaca Server Freeware

Gattaca Server is free for personal, commercial and educational use. The Gattaca Server's license does not contain restriction by quantity of users or any other licensing restrictions. Check out our Terms Of Use and Privacy policy

Support of groups in Gattaca Server will allow you to arrange all users in logic groups and subgroups.

Gattaca Server will allow you to organize employees of your company in logic groups, for example: accounts department, management, a department of sales, a warehouse etc. Each of these groups will automatically have the personalized mailing list, which employees of corresponding departments can use for own needs.

In additional to groups, you can create mailing list for various purposes, having subscribed to them people from your company, and foreign people.

Gattaca Server works as Microsoft Windows service.

Gattaca Mail Server working as service on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012. Gattaca Mail Server start with computer boot, and can work on a computer without necessity of presence of the user. All operations with delivering emails doing automatically, you can observe of work Gattaca Mail Server and if necessary bring corrective amendments in its work.

Gattaca Server can be configured for work in following environments:

  • internal network without access to Internet (no possibility send or receive emails from Internet, only internal using);
  • internal network, with access to Internet via ISP or central mail server in your organization (emails send or received from Internet using ISP or central mail server);
  • in external network, with direct access to Internet (email send or received from Internet directly or via ISP/main mail server in your organization).

Using remote management, you can supervise Gattaca Server and put necessary changes in server configuration directly from the your PC. Our console application will make accessible Gattaca Server from batch files.

Gattaca Server can work as gateway for forwarding email.

You can define, who can and who cannot send mail without authorization, having specified list of trusted IP addresses. It will allow you to open relay for separately chosen IP addresses and to leave closed relay for all others. Having specified any IP the address as trusted you will remove all possible restrictions on transfer of mail for users or programs-robots from trusted IP addresses.

Your users for sending e-mails can use SMTP authorization or if their mail client does not support the given type of authorization use method POP3 before SMTP (Check/get emails before send).

Besides Gattaca Server allows to specify users who can be sent mail in the Internet and who is not. (Note: given restriction will work, only if IP address of user is not included into AntiRelay trusted zone)

Gattaca Mail Server AntiSPAM and Antivirus protection.

Gattaca Server use DNSBL, SPF, white, grey and black list for protecting user's mail boxes from SPAM. During work Gattaca Server automatically update white list, by adding e-mail addresses which is sending e-mails. Also all incoming correspondence checking in DNSBL, black, grey and white list, performing checking infringements SPF policy. By default Gattaca Server put all incoming correspondence in user's mail boxes, and change subject of mails defined as SPAM. Subject for such email will start with phrase [AntiSPAM]. It will allow you to filter such letters using mail agent filters and not lose important e-mails.
In additional to internal AntiSPAM engine we also include popular 3rd party AntiSPAM tool: SpamAssassin. Also Gattaca Server scan all incomming e-mails with ClamAV Antivirus.

Other security features.

Gattaca Server contains module which traces attempts of remote users to pick up the password user's mail boxes and carries out automatic temporary blocking IP address with which such attempt was made.

Gattaca Server limit number of parallel connections from same IP address.

Gattaca Server automatically establishes temporary blocking for IP addresses with which the inadmissible sequence of commands was carried out, commands have been interpreted as incorrect or they did not manage to be interpreted.